Level 200 Kaiser Broa

[Broa] Level 200 Kaiser



World:  icon-world-broa            Class: Kaiser            Gender: male

Description and Highlights: 

Overkill Level 200 Kaiser in Broa! Kaisers are one of the most powerful classes in MapleStory, using fiery and swift dragon skills to eliminate monsters. This max level Kaiser Comes FULLY geared out with high stat boosting equipment, utilizing the exclusive Kaiser set to boost a total of 1.3k STR. Stats and skills have been perfectly allocated. Legit and on rankings. Remember that ALL Hyper skills have been unlocked, notably the level 200 Ancestral Prominence and Kaiser’s Majesty. Go use the ultimate Final Trance skill to instantly transform into Kaiser’s Final Form, and experience the rush of hunting the Empress boss on this powerful Kaiser!

Stats, skills, and equipment: 

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